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Dr. Henry Ramire

Medical Doctor

Dr. Henry Ramirez is a Cosmetic Gynecologist with over 15 years of experience specializing in female hormone replacement. He holds a certification in bioidentical hormone replacement and a fellowship in Integrative Medicine. This additional training has allowed him to develop a practice that emphasizes holistic wellness, treating not only the physical body but also addressing the mind and spirit of each patient. By combining cosmetic procedures with a focus on overall well-being, Dr. Ramirez achieves exceptional cosmetic results while prioritizing the comprehensive care of his patients. As a cosmetic gynecologist and leading innovator in women’s healthcare, Dr. Ramirez has made significant contributions to the field. He pioneered the transformative radiofrequency vulvar remodeling Aviva Femtite Scarless Labiaplasty procedure, revolutionizing the way this procedure is performed and plays a vital role in hands-on liposuction instruction for doctors from across North America. His commitment to education and sharing knowledge extends globally, as he has travelled the world as a respected speaker and distinguished lecturer for fellow physicians.

Our Medical Team

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