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Psirenity Liquid Nutraceuiticals

Psirenity’s Liquid Nutraceutical is backed by over two decades of clinical experience and real-world patient monitoring. This is your daily companion towards vitality, well-being, and a brighter, healthier future. Each 30ml bottle replaces 14 pills of carefully selected ingredients focusing on reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow in every area of the body. Health Canada Approved. Gluten Free.

Effective, Convenient

Direct to your door to simplify your routine! We’ve discovered an enjoyable way to nourish your body with essential nutrients to provide support for your body’s changing needs. Mix it into your favourite smoothie or take it straight. One quick pour and you’re on your way.

Powerful Benefits for Maximum Results

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Health Boosting Ingredients

Our Liquid Nutraceutical is created from over two decades of clinical experience and real-world patient monitoring. Carefully designed to combat Inflammation and Reduced Blood Flow, the core factors of aging. Our Health Canada Approved Liquid Nutraceutical is physician-curated and created for ultimate effectiveness and convenience. Each 30ml serving replaces 14 pills.

  • B-Complex 500 with 100 mcg B12
    • Ignites energy production and a healthy nervous system.
    • Aids in the metabolism of essential nutrients.
    • Helps form red blood cells.
  • Blueberry Fruit Extract (Vaccinium corymbosum 500mg/50mg)
    • High in antioxidants to protect your cells from damage.
    • Promotes healthy cognitive function.
  • Omega-3 (Fish Oil 4000 mg 40% EPA, 20% DHA)
    • Supports brain and heart health.
    • Helps to reduce serum triglycerides.
    • Reduces inflammation and promotes healthy joints.
  • Organika Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis leaf 300mg)
    • A powerful antioxidant to support overall health.
  • Vitamin C with Rosehips (2000mg)
    • Boosts your immune system.
    • Aids in collagen production for healthy bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums.
  • Vitamin D3 (1000mg)
    • Helps to build strong bones and teeth.
    • Helps with immune function to fight viruses.
  • Vitamin E (268mg)
    • An antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative damage and free radicals.
  • Folic Acid (1mg)
    • A B vitamin that helps make and repair DNA
    • Helps cells grow, divide, and work properly
    • Supports the maturation of red blood cells
  • Zinc (25mg)
    • Essential for immune system function.
    • Supports wound healing and connective tissue.
    • Helps the body metabolize nutrients.
  • Nutri Probiotics 45 Billion + 250 mg of L-Glutamine
    • Supports a healthy gut microbiome.
    • May aid in digestion and immune system health.
  • Vitamin D3 (Dropper; Dosage individualized)
    • Helps to build strong bones and teeth.
    • Helps with immune function to fight viruses.

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