June 3, 2024

Norwegian 4×4 VO2 Max Training

The Psirenity Health June fitness challenge is all about cardio! This month we will focus on three different but equally important cardio formats, ideally for your Monday, Wednesday and Saturday cardio workouts. We will cover Zone 2, Low Aerobic work, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Norwegian 4x4 VO2 Max Training. Any workout can be done on any day.

Our Third Cardio Routine – The Norwegian Approach

Norwegian 4×4 VO2 Max training, popularized by Norwegian athletes, involves four intervals of four minutes at a high intensity (around 90-95% of maximum heart rate), each followed by a three-minute recovery period at low intensity. This method targets VO2 Max, the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during intense exercise.

Fitness Benefits

Training at such high intensities significantly improves VO2 max, a critical marker of cardiovascular fitness. Higher VO2 Max levels indicate a more efficient heart and lungs, capable of delivering oxygen to muscles more effectively. This type of training enhances performance in endurance sports and can dramatically boost overall fitness levels.

Health Span and Longevity

Norwegian 4×4 VO2 Max training not only improves cardiovascular efficiency but also promotes greater cardiovascular resilience. It helps lower resting heart rate and blood pressure while improving heart rate variability, an indicator of heart health. These improvements reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and support long-term heart health, contributing to increased health span and longevity.

Each of the cardio formats reviewed, can be integrated into various types of exercise, from running and cycling to swimming and rowing. They can also be tailored to different fitness levels and goals. For example, a runner might use Zone 2 training for long, steady runs, incorporate HIIT sessions for speed work, and apply Norwegian 4×4 intervals to boost VO2 Max.

This month’s challenge will incorporate these three workouts to be performed weekly to teach you these methods and incorporate them into your weekly routine in the future. By engaging in Low Aerobic Zone 2 work, High-Intensity Interval Training, and Norwegian 4×4 VO2 Max Training, you will develop a comprehensive approach to cardiovascular health.