July 9, 2024

Psirenity Health Announces New Pharmacy Partnership

Oakville, Ontario – July 9, 2024 - Today, Psirenity Health is proud to announce that Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy will be its Pharmacy Partner. Lancaster is owned and operated by Vishal and Richa Acharya, both licenced Pharmacists in the province of Ontario. The pharmacy provides outstanding service, knowledge and high-quality products to its customers. The mission at Lancaster is “To provide high-quality, proactive healthcare to our community with customer service at top-of-mind,” a perfect match with Psirenity. In addition to regular pharmacy advice and filling prescriptions, Lancaster is also a licenced compounding pharmacy.

“We are thrilled that our members will now have access to a trusted pharmacy team as well as our extensive offering”, stated Bryan G. Jones, CEO of Psirenity.

Vishal has also accepted a position on Psirenity’s Medical Advisory Panel, which now has two MDs, an OB/GYN, a Nurse Practitioner and a Pharmacist. The Panel now has over 130 years of medical experience and is an independent body that provides medical advice to the Board of Directors and the CEO. “Lancaster is very excited to join forces with Psirenity and expand our business and be able to help its members in their health journey”, said Vishal Acharya.

Lancaster will be able to deliver any prescription medications directly to Psirenity members’ homes and will be available for any questions that members might have. If users would like more information about Lancaster and its team, it can be found at: https://lancasterwellnesspharmacy.com/.

About Psirenity Health

Psirenity Health is a proactive, leading-edge health and wellness company that offers an extensive program to help its members Live Better, Longer. It provides tools for its members to be their best today and maintain their wellbeing for tomorrow with optimized energy, mood, sleep, brain health, heart health, appearance and more.

Psirenity Health does not replace peoples primary healthcare provider. Psirenity Health provides medical education and not medical advice. Psirenity Health is a functional medicine company that provides virtual men’s and women’s health services that are not insured by provincial healthcare.

For more information, please contact bryan@psirenity.com