Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Revitalize your Hormones

Feeling the effects of aging on your energy, libido, and overall health? Our approach combines nutraceutical protocols with Hormone Replacement Therapy to help you regain control over your well-being. 

  • Blood Collection and In-depth Analysis Covering 50+  Biomarkers

  • One-on-one Virtual Consultation with a Board Certified Physician

  • Monthly Delivery of Vitamin and Nutrient Fueled “VitalityPaks”

  • Annual Hormone Evaluation & Access to Testosterone Therapy (TRT)

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Experience the difference

Personalized, Convenient Care to Expedite your Path to Wellness

Obtain essential health biomarkers quickly and professionally at home with our nurse practitioner. To jumpstart your wellness plan, we also offer a user-friendly virtual intake form — a comprehensive assessment of your physical, biological, lifestyle, and mental health.

Comprehensive Biomarker Analysis

Gain insight into your health with an extensive analysis of over 50 biomarkers, 30- 40% more comprehensive than standard blood work. Our membership provides you with a clear overview of your health status and potential areas for improvement.

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Clinically Proven and Health Canada-Approved Nutraceuticals

Receive monthly deliveries of our "VitalityPaks”, specially designed to optimize your health and performance, conveniently packaged for daily use. You will have everything you need for maximum performance.

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Individual Health Plans

Receive a custom health plan based on your detailed wellness intake form and 30-minute physician consultation. Our personalized care ensures your health regimen aligns precisely with your needs and goals. 

Continuous Support and Monitoring

Receive ongoing support and monitoring to track progress through an annual review. Make adjustment to ensure you’re on the right path.

Powerful Benefits for Maximum Results

  • Elevate Energy Levels

  • Improve Mood

  • Enjoy Better Sleep

  • Loose Fat & Gain Muscle

  • Boost Libido

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  • Dr. Robert Fallis, Advisor

    Bringing a rich 35-year history as a practicing physician in Canada to the forefront of men’s and women's health, Dr. Fallis began his medical journey in family medicine but quickly expanded his expertise to include emergency medicine and urgent care. He also served as the trusted medical expert on Canada’s top-rated daytime talk show, “Cityline,” making him a household name.

  • Jessica Caceres, Nurse Practitioner

    Jessica Caceres is a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience, specializing in family medicine and anti-aging. She obtained her Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of New Brunswick and has worked as a Registered Nurse for over eight years in acute care.

  • Dr. Larry Komer, Advisor

    Dr. Larry Komer is a renowned expert in men’s health and women's health, specializing in Interventional Endocrinology. He has pioneered cutting-edge protocols for low testosterone (Andropause), menopausal symptoms and traumatic brain injury with extensive training and experience in Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Female Hormonal Therapy.

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  • “This experience has been an incredibly transformative journey for me. The support and guidance I’ve received from the team have been nothing short of exceptional. Not only have I seen significant improvement in my overall health, but I’ve found a balance in my life that I never thought was possible.”

    Roger C., Age 44, Toronto

  • “Since my husband started on his life rejuvenation journey with Psirenity, I’ve got my husband back. Thank you, Psirenity.”

    Paula C., Oshawa

  • “Dr. Fallis was very thorough with my assessment and made me feel much more comfortable with the protocol than I anticipated - he answered all my questions, provided research and customized the therapy to me personally. I felt the results in the first week and continue to feel an improvement both mentally and physically.”

    Toni, Woodbridge 58 years old