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Meet our visionary leadership team

Psirenity Health is driven by a dynamic team of individuals passionate about elevating individual health. From outstanding entrepreneurs to outdoor adventurers who have successfully led and built multi-million dollar businesses and transformed their lives, our team is a harmonious blend of knowledge and firsthand experience. Get to know the team that forms the backbone of Psirenity Health.

  • Bryan Jones, Age 50

    Bryan is a visionary leader with extensive international experience in the pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer goods industries. A seasoned executive with a passion for exploration, Bryan is not only a leader in the corporate world but also a world traveler. His exposure to diverse cultures and markets has enriched his global perspective. Bryan’s commitment to progressiveness and innovation is evident in his leadership style. He’s known for pushing the boundaries and fostering a forward-thinking culture.

    In addition to his professional achievements, he is a medal-winning soccer player, golfer and Half IronMan participant, demonstrating his dedication to personal excellence and perseverance. 

  • Chris McCullough, Age 52

    Chris is an accomplished entrepreneur renowned for his unwavering passion and remarkable talent for identifying and embracing trends in the ever-evolving social and business landscape. With a career as a managing partner in a wide range of companies in sports, entertainment, retail, and a North American service provider to the transportation industry, Chris brings a wealth of diverse experience and new insights to our team. Chris’ professional and personal transformations, along with his collaborative approach, are a testament to his belief in driving positive change in the wellness industry. 

  • Chris McGuire

    Chris is a seasoned sales and business development professional with a 13-year track record of leadership in high-pressure, fast-paced environments. With extensive managerial experience under his belt, he is a dedicated leader who finds inspiration in building and nurturing relations with both colleagues and clients. Chris is not only a master in the world of business but also an advocate for continuous education. He believes in the power of learning to drive personal and professional growth. Outside the office, Chris is an avid traveler and sports enthusiast. He is always seeking to embrace life with new adventures and challenges.